Treatments for symptoms of distress

Anxiety and Depression and other forms of distress are areas of illness that seldom exists on one level. Illness transcends all levels of existence that we often refer to as mind, body and spirit. Physical symptoms of illness often conceal a deeper more fundamental psychological or spiritual understanding that has to be acknowledged within the correct environment before healing and recovery can take place. Anxiety, Depression, compulsive disorders and panic attacks are all expressed symptoms of how we feel about the environment in which we try to exist. The cure is often found in coming to an emotional understanding about why and how we relate to our environment. Finding this place within ourselves where we feel safe and secure will often allow healing to take place. Ultimately we can apply this safe place to rest of the life that we feel we need to lead, in order to achieve a stable rewarding existence in the future.

The combination of counselling, psychotherapy CBT and healing as a therapy

No two people are the same and neither is their illness. This conjunctive therapy is a whole person approach that is centred on and tailored to the individual’s needs. It blends talking therapies with empathy, understanding and development of practical goals to provide a unique service for every client. This approach stresses the importance of the unconscious and past experience in determining current behaviour. The client is encouraged to talk about relationships with significant events in the clients life as a means of discovering their relevance to what is happening now. Positive goals are found to re-route destructive sometimes obsessive behaviour in the light of this knowledge. This leads to a fuller and more expansive life.

Natural Remedies

The best medicine for forms of distress such as Anxiety, and Depression is a fulfilling life, however there are several natural remedies available that can offer relief when combined with the conjunctive therapy described above to bring about the necessary changes in lifestyle . A small quantity of high quality health product distributors do stock these  remedies such as Lifestyle Natural Health and their products are also available on line. On-Line link to Lifestyle Natural Health

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